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Intestine Transplant

When severe intestinal problems interfere with your nourishment or even threaten your life, an intestine transplant can help.

The Henry Ford Transplant Institute is among an elite group of fewer than two dozen U.S. medical centers offering this highly specialized procedure. We performed Michigan’s first intestine transplant, in 2010.

Why choose Henry Ford for an intestine transplant?

When you come to Henry Ford for an intestine transplant, you benefit from:

  • Comprehensive program: You have more transplant options at Henry Ford. We are the only program in Michigan offering intestine transplants, as well as the multiple organ transplants frequently needed for serious intestinal problems. We perform all intestine transplant types and provide care from before surgery through rehabilitation.
  • Treatment for high-risk patients: Other centers may cite advanced age or weight as a reason to decline your transplant request. At Henry Ford, our doctors approach the criteria differently, while still making safety a top priority. Our transplant criteria include:
    • Intestine-only transplants up to age 70, and multiple organs up to age 60
    • No maximum weight restriction
  • Team approach: Your intestine transplant team tailors a treatment plan for your specific health needs. Members work jointly with experts from our Liver Disease Center and Division of Gastroenterology.
  • Personal care: As a Henry Ford patient, you work with a nurse who serves as your transplant coordinator. The nurse arranges all aspects of your care and is available for all your needs and questions. In addition to providing ongoing support to you and your family, our navigators are available 24 hours a day for medical emergencies. Check out our transplant patient stories to learn more about the great care at Henry Ford.
  • Convenience: Henry Ford has intestine transplant clinics throughout Michigan. These regional clinics make it easier for you to get exams and blood tests before and after transplant surgery.

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