Surgery For Intestine Failure

Sometimes surgery is necessary to improve intestine function, encourage better nutrient absorption, and preserve the remaining short bowel. The surgeons at the Henry Ford Intestine Transplant and Rehabilitation Program are experts in the most innovative surgical techniques for intestine failure.

Surgery to correct slow intestinal transit:
  • Strictureplasty
  • Partial obstruction
  • Blind loops
  • Enteroenteric fistulas
Surgery to increase surface area:
  • Intestine lengthening
    • Longitudinal intestinal lengthening and tailoring (Bianchi LILT)
    • Serial transverse enteroplasty (STEP)
Surgery to improve intestinal motility with dilated bowel:
  • Intestine tapering
Surgery to slow intestinal transit without dilated bowel:
  • Segmental reversal of small bowel (SRSB)
  • Isoperistaltic colonic interposition
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