Pancreas Transplant Outcomes

After a pancreas transplant, you may not need to take insulin. If you also receive a kidney transplant for kidney failure, you should be able to stop dialysis.

Our pancreas transplant program has extremely high success rates. Our 1-year patient survival rates for all pancreas transplant types is 100 percent. Our 3-year pancreas transplant survival rates always meet, and often exceed, the national average.

The United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) provides outcomes data for Henry Ford Transplant Institute and all U.S. transplant centers.

You may receive a pancreas transplant faster at Henry Ford than at other transplant centers. Our average wait time for a donor pancreas is 18 months. This wait is about 10 months shorter than the national average of 28 months.

The wait time for a dual pancreas and kidney transplant is 14 months. This rate is on par with the national average.

pancreas outcomes

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