Donating Cord Blood

When an unrelated donor match cannot be found for your stem cell transplant, our doctors may recommend using the donated blood from two umbilical cords. This dual cord blood transplant provides enough stem cells for one adult patient.

Donating stem cells from umbilical cord blood

Should you decide to donate your infant’s cord blood, you can expect certain steps:

  • You should make arrangements several months before your baby’s due date with the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP). The NMDP arranges free cord blood collection and storage at public cord blood banks across the U.S.
  • After cutting and clamping the umbilical cord, your doctor collects the cord blood in a sterile container.
  • The cord blood is mixed with a preservative and frozen at a cord blood bank until needed by a patient.
  • Information about the cord blood donation is entered into the NMDP’s registry, which can be searched by doctors nationwide.
  • Cord blood donation poses no known risk to mother or infant.
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