Hospital Medicine Program Overview

The Henry Ford Division of Hospital Medicine is the largest medical division within the Henry Ford Medical Group's Department of Medicine. With more than 50 hospitalists at four hospitals in the Henry Ford Health System, we manage the medical care of hundreds of hospital patients every day, totaling over 55,000 inpatient encounters each year. Our group of hospitalists and palliative medicine specialists are devoted to the care of the hospitalized patient, with a special focus on research, medical education, and innovation in patient safety and quality improvement.

Hospitalists across southeast Michigan

Our team of hospitalists within the Henry Ford Medical Group includes nearly 40 physicians in the role of clinical hospitalists, 10 physicians in the role of clinical educators, and several Palliative Medicine specialists. Typically, our hospitalists provide 24 hour coverage every day of the week for approximately 120 beds at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, 60 beds at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital and 45 beds at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital. We also provide general medical consultation for any patient at these hospitals.

Quality hospital care and patient safety

Henry Ford hospitalists focus on continual improvement of quality hospital care and patient safety. Our general medical units at Henry Ford Hospital managed by our Division of Hospital Medicine feature a unique team model of collaboration. This team of doctors, nurses, and other health professionals collaborates to develop, test, and improve new processes for patient safety and quality care. Examples of new patient safety processes developed by our team include:

  • Electrolyte protocols
  • Indwelling catheter protocol
  • Patient mobility protocol
  • Bowel protocol
  • New Technology: We tested the advanced technology system now used to monitor critical care patients, and initiated the first use of wireless computers on wheels used throughout the hospital.

Medical education

Our hospitalist faculty provide clinical education for physicians-in-training (residents and fellows), nurses, and other health professionals at all four hospitals. Our hospitalists provide supervision and training to residents who rotate through the various patient care units managed by Hospital Medicine faculty. For example, the teaching service for residents includes a focus on development of core competencies in hospital patient care and progressive opportunity to gain autonomy in patient management.