High School Volunteer Programs

Summer 2018 teen volunteer application period is closed

Thank you for your interest in joining our summer 2018 teen volunteer program at Henry Ford Hospital. We are no longer accepting applications for 2018. If you have not had a chance to apply for the summer 2018 teen volunteer program, we are sorry to have missed you. Please visit our site again in February 2019 for summer 2019 teen volunteer opportunities.

If you have applied for the summer 2018 teen volunteer program

If you had applied for the teen summer program in February or March 2018, your application is under review and we will be in contact by email if we feel that a volunteer opportunity is available for you this summer. Once you are contacted, you will be asked to complete a phone interview. After which we will make our final selections for our 2018 summer volunteer team. If you have applied because you need volunteer hours for a separate program requirement, Henry Ford Hospital should not be your only volunteer option. Please explore other volunteer options in case we do not have placement available for you this summer.

If you have applied and/or have interviewed and are not selected

Please understand that a high volume of applications have been received and only so many positions are available, so we must select applicants based on several factors. Not everyone will be selected for an interview and not everyone who interviews will be selected. It is an honor to have our community serve as volunteers at Henry Ford Hospital, but we only have so many opportunities available based on our department requests and needs. It is our #1 goal to find the most suitable applicants to create excellent experiences for our patients and guests. Secondly, it is our goal to create an engaging, fulfilling, and memorable experience for our volunteers and staff and to fill all available summer rotation positions.

Summer of 2019

Volunteer opportunities are not available for new candidates during the fall and winter seasons. During the fall and winter, our evening and weekend positions are very limited and will be filled by the existing teen volunteers in our program. Please visit our site again in February 2019 for summer 2019 teen volunteer opportunities