Balance and Vestibular Rehab

Vestibular therapy is a form of physical rehabilitation that uses specialized exercises to improve balance, decrease chronic dizziness or vertigo, and improve daily living if you’re suffering from inner ear dysfunction, head injury or trauma, stroke or other vestibular system disorders and conditions.

Our therapists, specially trained in vestibular disorders, will create a unique program just for you and your specific condition. Vestibular rehabilitation often consists of physical and occupational therapy, sensory-motor retraining, gait training and visual exercises. Home exercises are often recommended as well.

Because dizziness and balance problems can lead to falls, Henry Ford has a falls prevention team that can work with you and your family to take the steps needed to prevent falls at home. Learn about Stand Steady, our fall prevention program at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital.

Balance and vestibular therapy facilities

We offer vestibular rehabilitation at the following facilities:

Henry Ford Medical Center - Columbus: (248) 344-2300

Henry Ford Medical Center - Cottage: (313) 640-2200

Henry Ford Medical Center - New Center One: (313) 916-3162

Henry Ford Medical Center - Southfield: (248) 386-5336

Henry Ford Rehabilitation - Allen Park: (313) 389-5600

Henry Ford Rehabilitation - Lowell Park: (586) 726-6400

Henry Ford Wyandotte Physical Rehabilitation: (734) 284-4499

Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital: (248) 325-1000

Henry Ford Medical Center - Detroit Northwest: (313) 543-6295

Henry Ford Medical Center - Ford Road: (313) 425-4500

Henry Ford Macomb Hospital - Clinton Township: (586) 263-2480

Henry Ford Macomb Health Center - Warren: (586) 759-7474

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