Oliverliski's Story

The day that my life changed forever started out like any other day. I felt great and like many of my friends and family suggested I had finally gave in and decided to have a physical done that day. I got checked over for everything possible and just like I had predicted I was healthy and according to the doctor even healthier than others in my age group. When the doctor asked about anything that could be wrong I mentioned how just a few days prior I was in a car accident and I thought that I may have pinched a nerve. Not thinking anything of it she suggested that I should get a cat scan.

The next day she called me and told me not to worry but to get up and go to the E.R. What could it be? I thought when I was healthy as a horse. I finished my meal and proceeded to the hospital. After I was checked over they suggested that I tsay over a night just to make sure I am OK. Still thinking nothing of it, I agreed knowing it would be my first time staying in a hospital. At four thirty a.m. I was awaken by a doctor and I heard only three words tumor, surgery, death. Not knowing when he left or even stopped talking I watched the sun rise thinking how, when? Not too long ago I was a healthy twenty- four year old who was in top shape. Now I have a brain tumor bigger than a tennis ball but smaller than a baseball.

Seven o'clock that morning I was introduced to my operating doctor, Dr. Mahmood. He explained the situation to me and later to my family. I was terrified and just wanted to go home but after talking it over with my family we decided it was better than being paralyzed on my left side, blind or dead.


Needless to say the surgery went off flawlessly and I am still here but what really helped me recover was the follow up team- Dr. Walbert and my nurse, Julie Ingram. They kept everything positive, even when I was down they always made me smile and still to this day they do the same. They really did boost my spirit and my uncle was there when they could not.

While they made sure I was prepared for any outcome, I am here today walking, talking and I can see out of both eyes. Yes the recovery was an adventure, I am glad I didn't (and couldn't have) done it alone. I was given the best care and was able to make a quick recovery. Now that I am back to work and can walk on my own, it brings me endless joy that I now know I can watch my kids grow and run around with them. Thank you for everything.

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