Home Based Cardiac Rehabilitation

Welcome to the Henry Ford Home/Community Based Cardiac Rehabilitation (HBCR) Program

The Home Based Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is designed for patients who are unable to attend the traditional facility based cardiac rehabilitation program at one of our Henry Ford Medical Group locations. This innovative tele-health program uses the free Henry Ford MyChart app and the patient’s own smart phone or other suitable mobile device. This allows patients to exercise in their own homes or community fitness center while being supervised by one of the clinicians in cardiac rehabilitation all done using live two-way videoconferencing. Patients also have access to all of the educational materials used in the traditional cardiac rehabilitation program through short videos focused on their specific health concerns. Patients can view the videos at their own convenience and discuss them or ask questions during their video conference.

Certain patient eligibility criteria may apply, for more information call (313) 972-1919.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Educational Videos

Anatomy 1 Part 1 – Coronary Anatomy and Heart Disease
Anatomy 1 Part 2 – Angina and Heart Attack
Anatomy 1 Part 3 – Medical Tests and Treatment of CAD
Anatomy 1 Part 4 – Medications
Anatomy 1 Part 5 – Peripheral Arterial Disease

Anatomy 2 Part 1 – What is Heart Failure
Anatomy 2 Part 2 – Heart Failure Tests and Treatments
Anatomy 2 Part 3 – Heart Valves and Valvular Disease
Anatomy 2 Part 4 – The Heart’s Electrical System

Eating Out Part 1 – Portion Size Dining Out
Eating Out Part 2 – Fast Food Buffets

Eating Smart Part 1 – Making Calories Count
Eating Smart Part 2 – Making Smart Food Choices
Eating Smart Part 3 – Understanding Fats and Sodium
Eating Smart Part 4 – Building a Healthy Plate

Getting Fit Part 1 – Physical Activity
Getting Fit Part 2 – Exercise
Getting Fit Part 3 – Strength and Balance
Getting Fit Part 4 – Resistance Bands for Strength
Getting Fit Part 5 – Avoiding Injury

Managing Energy Part 1 – Why Energy Matters
Managing Energy Part 2 – Emotions and Energy
Managing Energy Part 3 – Identifying Your Purpose
Managing Energy Part 4 – Dealing with Setbacks

Smart Shopping Part 1 – Understanding the Label
Smart Shopping Part 2 – Produce Meat Seafood Deli
Smart Shopping Part 3 – Dairy Fats and Oils
Smart Shopping Part 4 – Bread Cereal Frozen Entrees

Video Disclaimer: The information in these videos is intended for patients with coronary artery disease or other heart conditions. If you do not have one of these conditions, ask your health care provider if this information applies to you.

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