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Electrophysiology Services

If you or a loved one has an abnormal heart rhythm (more commonly known as an arrhythmia), you want to start treatment as soon as possible.

At the Henry Ford Heart & Vascular Institute, our team uses the latest technology to pinpoint the cause of your arrhythmia – an important first step in an effective, personalized treatment plan. Our team is among the most experienced in the southeastern Michigan area, offering highly specialized diagnosis and treatment in our advanced electrophysiology, or EP labs.

Electrophysiology services at the Henry Ford Heart & Vascular Institute

When you come to Henry Ford, you benefit from:

  • Experience: We’ve been delivering advanced care for heart and vascular disease since 1915. Our EP teams are among the most experienced in the region performing more than 1,500 EP procedures every year. Read more about arrhythmia diagnosis in our EP labs.
  • Convenience: Scheduling appointments at one of our many southeastern Michigan locations is easy. Our experts typically can see you within a week—often sooner—of your initial contact with us. We also have a call service to promptly connect you to a heart specialist during evening, weekend and holiday hours.
  • Seamless care: Our heart experts work with your referring physician to provide seamless care, from diagnosis to ongoing treatment and management. You can relax knowing that you can go back to seeing doctors in your community after you start feeling better.
  • Comprehensive care: The Henry Ford Heart & Vascular Institute is one of few programs in Michigan offering highly specialized evaluation and treatment all in one program.
  • Advanced diagnostic procedures: Our EP labs feature some of the best available technology, including the Carto® 3 System. This system creates three-dimensional images of your heart in real time. In our specially-designed labs, our doctors perform a variety of diagnostic procedures to pinpoint the cause of your symptoms. Learn more about arrhythmia diagnosis, including our comprehensive EP labs.
  • Full service of treatment options: At The Henry Ford Heart & Vascular Institute, our heart experts work carefully to make a definitive diagnosis and start you on the appropriate treatment. Treatment options may include:

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