Endocrinology deals with the disorders of the endocrine system, which involves hormone-secreting glands in the brain and neck, as well as within or near the kidneys and other small organs. The endocrine system works to produce, metabolize and regulate the function of various hormones.

As a patient, you may need to meet with an endocrinologist for a variety of reasons, including diabetes, bone and mineral disorders, thyroid disorders, and other conditions.

As pioneers in type 1 and 2 diabetes management and research, our diabetes specialists carry the largest experience in Michigan in the use of insulin pumps, new medications and other treatment methods. Our thyroid specialists offer advanced medical therapies, perform ultrasound-guided thyroid biopsies and work closely with other specialists to provide comprehensive treatment plans for thyroid cancer. Our bone and mineral specialists provide expert diagnosis and comprehensive therapy for metabolic conditions that may cause bone fragility, including osteoporosis, kidney stones and other related disorders.

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