Neonatal Head Ultrasound

Neonatal Head Ultrasound is an exam that obtains images of the brain through the anterior fontanel with sound waves. A hand-held transducer (probe) is used to create images of the infant brain. This exam is used to identify hydrocephalus or germinal matrix bleeding in the neonatal period.


  • Typically there is no prep for this procedure.
  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment with a prescription if your doctor has given one to you.


  • The infant will lie on the exam table.
  • A non-greasy gel will be applied to the area of the anterior fontanel.
  • The sonographer will use a hand-held transducer (probe) against the infant's top of the head (anterior fontanel) to obtain images of the brain.


  • Bring things to keep infant comfortable (i.e., bottle, blanket, pacifier).
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