Screenings & Diagnosis

Each infectious disease affects the body in a different way and requires a unique course of treatment. Our team will evaluate your condition to determine your illness as well as the best treatment for you. Your diagnosis is based on your individual symptoms and the result of lab work, which may consist of:

  • Blood sample
  • Stool sample
  • Urine sample
  • Throat swab

An imaging procedure like a CT scan or a biopsy may be done to further confirm or rule out a diagnosis.

Antibiotic or antiviral medicines are shown to be very effective in treating infectious diseases. These medicines may be given by mouth, injection or applied directly on or in the body.

Antibiotics, however, only work for treating bacterial infections such as strep throat or urinary tract infection. They do not cure infections caused by a virus like a cold or bronchitis, and overuse can cause antibiotic resistance. Rest and over-the-counter medicine can help relieve your symptoms caused by a viral infection until the illness runs its course.

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