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Integrative Medicine

Alternative and holistic approaches to supporting your wellness

Whether you are looking to relieve joint pain, tap into a drug-free method to balance your digestion or manage the side effects of chemotherapy, Henry Ford’s Center for Integrative Medicine can support your journey toward wellness and healing.

Integrative medicine is a whole-person approach to health and wellness. Rather than treating a single disease or condition, integrative medicine takes into account the entire person. Treatment is holistic, and addresses the mind, body and spirit all at the same time. The healing journey is a partnership between you and our practitioners as you work together to bring your entire self to a state of harmony, balance and wellness.

Integrative medicine services

Henry Ford’s Center for Integrative Medicine offers a variety of therapeutic approaches to supporting your total health and well-being. Our skilled practitioners draw from the world's best healing traditions, such as acupuncture, massage therapy and nutrition therapy, in combination with effective Western medical practices when necessary.

Our integrative medicine services are used to treat psychological conditions such as anxiety, depression and stress, autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, cancer support, smoking cessation support, digestive issues, chronic pain, circulatory conditions, and overall wellness. Treatment is available to both adults and children.

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  • Yoga for Wellness (Experienced)

    Class is designed for confident students with previous yoga experience.

  • Yoga for Wellness Mixed Level

    Class is designed for students who have progressed from Basic yoga by recommendation of our Yoga Instructors.

  • Yoga for Wellness (Basic)

    Class is designed for beginners and students who have limitations and may need assistance.

  • Yoga for Wellness (Basic)

    Class is designed for beginners and students who have limitations and may need assistance.

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