Lung Cancer Screening Low-Dose CT Scan Provides Hope for a Cure

cancer patient walking on the beachVic Thompson saw an advertisement for a lung cancer screening and decided to take action after 60 years of on-and-off smoking. After the lung cancer screening clinic determined that Vic was a candidate for this life-saving screening, he was scheduled for the low-dose CT scan at Henry Ford West Bloomfield, which was close to his home in Commerce Township. Fortunately, the screening detected cancer in its earliest stage and the team at Henry Ford Health was able to cure him of this deadly disease with minimally invasive lung cancer surgery. Thoracic surgeon, Andrew Popoff, M.D., was able to remove one of the 5 lobes with minimal pain and recovery time.

Here is Vic’s story:

cancer patient making dinnerSomething prompted me (maybe 60 years of on and off smoking) to set an appointment for the lung screening in March - then Covid-19 hit and elective procedures were postponed. We reinvestigated in July and I attended your presentation and had the CT scan right away. Results from that screening led me to a PET scan and then we immediately had an appointment with the pulmonology team.

The results suggested a small nodule which was to be removed via a wedge section. Dr. Popoff was recommended for surgery, which was scheduled right away at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. The doctor proceeded with removing the lower left lobe. I was discharged days later with honestly no pain at all. I am currently using the breathing machine and walking daily to build up my lung capacity as I am sometimes a little winded.

This was quite the frenetic journey, but I am pleased that I went through with your lung screening program as I believe that’s why the nodule was found early! Dr. Popoff informed me that it was non-small cell lung cancer stage one. The nodule was removed completely with no need for chemotherapy or radiation.

I want to encourage anyone who meets the criteria to consider scheduling a lung cancer screening. Don’t wait! Do not be afraid of catching the coronavirus. I felt safe and the hospital was clean with protocols in place.

Vic is back to living his life, enjoying lake-life and cooking in the kitchen. In other good news: Vic quit smoking for good!

Twice a year, he will go in for a CT scan to monitor the lungs and check for recurrence. Currently, Vic is cancer free.

Lung Cancer Screening Program

Lung cancer screening has shown that we can detect cancer much earlier in people most at risk.

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The biggest advancement in lung cancer surgery has been minimally invasive surgery for tumor removal. Dr. Andrew Popoff, Thoracic Surgeon at the Henry Ford Cancer Institute discusses the benefits of minimally invasive procedures for lung cancer patients.

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