Home Sleep Testing

Home Sleep Test (HST)

If your doctor determines that you're a good candidate for a home sleep test, you'll be able to complete your study in the comfort of your own bed. The HST device records information about your breathing effort, airflow, heart rate and oxygen levels throughout the night while you're sleeping.

Similar to the hospital sleep study, you'll attach the following right before bed in order to collect information on your sleep:

  • Sensors
  • An elastic belt is wrapped around the chest to hold the HST in place and to monitor breathing activity
  • A sensor, similar to oxygen tubing, is positioned under the nose to monitor airflow
  • An oxygen detector is placed on a finger to monitor the amount of oxygen in the blood

You will typically receive the HST device from our clinic, at which time our staff will show you how to use it. You will sleep in the comfort of your own home with the device, typically for one night. In the morning, you'll remove all sensors and return the home sleep test unit to the sleep lab where the data is downloaded and analyzed.

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