Recovery isn’t just about rehabilitating from an injury – it’s an essential part of any sports performance training program. It allows your body to rest and regenerate, so you can go further and faster during your next workout. At Henry Ford Health, you have access to the latest recovery tools and techniques for a comprehensive athletic enhancement plan.

Sports recovery therapy: Why choose Henry Ford?

At our sports performance program, you’ll find:

  • Innovative recovery tools: Our recovery lab gives you access to the latest tools for compression therapy, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM), cryotherapy and more. Athletes and experienced trainers work together to choose the recovery techniques that are right for your sport and individual needs.
  • Whole-person care for athletes: We look at every aspect of your health to identify areas that could be affecting your athletic performance. In addition to post-training recovery, we help you establish good habits for sleep, nutrition, stress reduction and mental well-being. We can also connect you to physicians and other healthcare providers for further care.
  • Experienced athletic trainers: Henry Ford athletic trainers are always learning new and better ways to help you reach peak performance. Every member of our team is IASTM-certified and several are Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists. You receive care from experts who understand the unique health needs and goals of high-performing athletes.

Our athletic recovery services

Athletes who rest and recover between competition and workouts make significant performance gains as they train. You also greatly reduce your risk of an injury when you allow your body to heal after the stress of exercise.

Our innovative athletic recovery services are available to any athlete taking part in our sports performance testing and training programs, including Return to Sport and GolFit. Your athletic trainer provides customized recovery recommendations to prepare you for your next workout.

Our recovery tools and services include:

  • Cryochamber: Our whole-body, sub-zero cryosauna offers a variety of benefits to athletes. Cryotherapy for athletes reduces soreness, inflammation and oxidative stress on the muscles. Research suggests it can also improve bone health, immunity, metabolism and hormone regulation.
  • Game Ready® therapy: Temperature-controlled compression garments circulate cold or hot water around any body part that needs rapid recovery. This technique reduces pain and swelling, making it ideal for post-injury recovery.
  • Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM): Certified athletic trainers use special devices to perform deep-tissue manipulation. IASTM helps break up soft tissue adhesions and scar tissue that forms after an injury, surgery or overuse. IASTM also enhances blood flow to soft tissues, which speeds healing and recovery.
  • NormaTec® compression therapy: Specialized boots and sleeves gently compress and massage your limbs to aid blood flow. This technique helps repair muscle tissue and reduce fatigue and soreness after a hard workout.

Integrative medicine

Athletic trainers in our sports performance program work closely with integrative medicine providers to ensure you get a comprehensive recovery plan. You have access to a variety of services, including massage, acupuncture and dry needling, right at the Center for Athletic Medicine. Learn more about our integrative medicine services.

Ready to improve your performance?

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