Body Composition Analysis

The accurate assessment of body composition is used by professional and college athletes, exercise enthusiasts, individuals trying to lose and/or gain weight, and individuals trying to improve performance and/or assist with weight management.

Henry Ford Health has the BodPod™ device on-site to quickly measure your body composition and provide the following important health and fitness information, all for the low cost of $50.*

  • Percentage of body fat
  • Break down of lean weight and fat weight
  • An estimated resting metabolic rate (how many calories your body burns at rest each day)
  • The estimated number of calories your body burns with various activity levels
  • A brief consultation with a clinical exercise physiologist to help you understand your body composition and to provide healthy lifestyle and/or exercise training recommendations
  • For accurate results please bring a tight-fitting swimsuit or biker/compression shorts (and sports bra for females) to wear during the BodPod test

*Special discount pricing of $35 offered for participating Henry Ford programs, Henry Ford employees and returning customers. Discount rate is for participants in the following Henry Ford affiliated programs: Bariatric Surgery, Clinical Weight Management, Cardiac Rehabilitation, and PREVENT or EXCITE.

Call to schedule an appointment or for more information call (313) 972-1919.

The BodPod test is ideal for:

  • Individuals starting or struggling with a new diet or exercise program
  • Athletes and regular exercisers
  • Individuals who plan or have had bariatric surgery
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