Herb Brogan: Athletic Trainers Are Part of the Team

Herb Brogan, better known as Coach Brogan, has been coaching Lumen Christi High School football for 50 years. “Back when I started, coaches did everything. We taped player’s legs and diagnosed any health issues.”

Today, Coach Brogan’s football program enjoys the benefits of a range of services provided by Henry Ford Allegiance Sports Medicine, including professional athletic trainers.

“The athletic trainer is our first line of defense.”

Coach Brogan describes his team’s athletic trainer as one of the best of the best he’s had in his five-decade career. “Our athletic trainer is knowledgeable, has a good rapport with the athletes and you couldn’t ask for better care. We trust her judgement. She’s viewed as a valued member of the team.”

Coach Brogan appreciates Henry Ford Allegiance Sports Medicine’s balanced approach. “It promotes safety for student athletes. They care about each athlete’s health beyond the time they’re in high school,” says Coach Brogan.

If one of his athletes is injured on the field and needs to go to the hospital, Coach Brogan likes knowing the Henry Ford Allegiance Sports Medicine physician is right there waiting for them. The athletic trainer makes sure a student with an injury does not return to the field too soon. They also work with the Sports Medicine physician to confirm when a student is physically ready to get back out there.

“Henry Ford Allegiance Sports Medicine has given us excellent services.” Coach adds, “And they get good reviews from the parents too.”

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