Stroke Treatment, Recovery and Prevention

A stroke can change your life. But there’s hope: Henry Ford Health System delivers nationally recognized stroke services close to home. We offer complete care, including prevention, emergency treatment and specialized rehabilitation.

Our commitment to stroke care excellence has earned many Henry Ford facilities the highest recognition from The Joint Commission and the American Heart Association.

Stroke Treatment at Henry Ford: Why Choose Us?

Receiving timely stroke treatment in the emergency room can have a big impact on your recovery. Our specialized stroke teams come together within minutes of your arrival. In 2019, “door to treatment” times at Henry Ford Hospital were well below the national average. Shorter treatment times are a reflection of high-quality stroke care, and improve your chances of recovering. Learn more about the types of stroke we treat.

Preventive stroke services from Henry Ford protect blood flow to the brain and may help you avoid a stroke. For some patients, care includes a minimally invasive procedure or traditional surgery to open up narrowed arteries. Our expertise means we offer these treatments safely and you recover faster. Between 2017 and 2019, our complication rates were below the national average. Explore our stroke volumes and outcomes.

Our Team Approach to Acute Stroke Treatment

Our stroke specialists work together to quickly coordinate lifesaving care. For complex stroke, you benefit from their expertise no matter which Henry Ford facility you come to. Special technology enables us to review imaging studies across the system and determine your course of care in real time. This option, along with advanced technology, gives doctors advance notice that you may need special stroke treatment.

Doctors work together to coordinate and deliver the best possible care. Our team includes:

  • Neuro-interventionalists, who deliver stroke treatment using tiny instruments passed into small incisions and advanced through blood vessels to the brain
  • Neuroradiologists, who pinpoint the precise location of the stroke using advanced imaging and assess the impact on nearby brain tissue
  • Neurosurgeons, who use traditional surgical techniques to remove blood clots and repair blood vessels that supply the brain
  • Vascular neurologists, who specialize in all aspects of stroke care including prevention, diagnostic imaging and treatment

If you think you or a loved one is having a stroke, dial 911. Studies show stroke patients who arrive at the hospital by ambulance receive faster treatment than those arriving on their own.

Our Stroke Services

We offer the full range of stroke services, including:

Stroke prevention

Specialized care at Henry Ford is helping more people stay stroke-free. You receive a thorough evaluation to identify possible stroke risks. We then develop a personalized prevention plan to protect your brain. We also help many stroke survivors avoid a second stroke. Find out more about stroke prevention.

Acute stroke services

We quickly determine the cause and location of the stroke so you receive the services that are right for you. We offer comprehensive acute stroke care, including mechanical thrombectomy for stroke that does not respond to clot-busting drugs. Find out more about acute stroke services.

Stroke rehabilitation

After restoring blood flow to the brain, we continue caring for you in our neuro ICU and stroke step-down unit. Your care also includes rehabilitative therapies to help you regain skills lost after a stroke. Learn more about stroke recovery and stroke rehabilitation.

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