Tobacco Treatment Service for Teens

The Impact of Teen Substance Abuse

Over the last few years, e-cigarettes and vaping have become popular among teens and young adults. These harmful products are often marketed directly to young people and give the false impression that they are healthy and safe.The truth: Vape juice and e-cigarette cartridges are much more potent than traditional cigarettes. Besides nicotine, alcohol and marijuana, these products can also contain anti-freeze, heavy metals and car exhaust.

As a result, these products can lead to serious health conditions such as:

  • Weakened immune system
  • Brain damage
  • Lasting lung damage and disease

Helping Teens Quit Smoking and Vaping

No matter your age, it can be hard to admit you have an addiction. Coming to terms with your child’s addiction is also hard for parents.

To help meet the unique needs of teens and their families, Henry Ford offers a Tobacco Treatment Service for Teens and Adolescents. This free referral program provides resources to help young people (ages 14-17 years old) recover from addiction to tobacco, nicotine or other vaping-related products. Teens can enroll in the program themselves, or be referred by their pediatrician, parent, athletic trainer or through their school.

After being referred, one of our experienced tobacco treatment counselors will reach out to the teen to assess:

  • Need for the program
  • Level of addiction
  • Willingness to quit
  • Which recovery program is best (texting program, mobile app or other online programs)

Every teen experiences addiction differently. Different programs are offered to make sure each one finds the best option. All programs help participants prepare for quitting, deal with withdrawal, overcome cravings, and most importantly, learn to stay smoke and vape-free for good.

Counselors are available to offer confidential support throughout the program, if needed. After enrollment, a counselor follows up in one month to see if the program was successful or if more help is needed.



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