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Angela Valentine from Wyandotte spent almost twenty years dealing with her weight. She tried multiple diet and weight loss programs with no success. Angela wasn’t happy with how she felt both physically and mentally and the impact the weight had on her daily life. Determined to find success once and for all, and with the support of her family, she decided to go to Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital to seek help on her journey to a healthier life.

“One of the types of research I did before having surgery was looking at the different hospitals in the area, different bariatric centers” said Angela. “Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital really did have the most all - inclusive program. They offer support services with the help of on-staff Dietitians and a Personal Trainer as well as support groups. That is something I did not find anywhere else”.

When Angela came to Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital she weighed 278 lbs. Since undergoing bariatric surgery, Angela now weighs approximately 153 lbs.

Within a month after surgery Angela started exercising by going to regular training classes with the on-staff personal trainer and participating in many physical activities. “Since the surgery I’m actually living life. Things became easier day by day, the energy I had increased each day. Those are the things that have made this the most valuable” said Angela. Angela has finally found success on her journey to becoming healthier and happier.

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