Weight Management Program

Learn how Donna lost 95 pounds
The Henry Ford Weight Management Program is a clinically based program that is tailored to each patient's goals and needs. The program includes:

  • Nutrition consults with registered dietitians
  • Personal exercise/behavioral consults with exercise physiologists
  • Online support programs
  • Internet management program
  • Long-term maintenance strategies

Adopting a more active lifestyle combined with eating foods to help you lose or maintain your weight provides your body with the best preventive medicine. Wellness is the best defense against weight-related diseases. It also means improving how you feel physically and emotionally, making the everyday activities of life - and experiencing the moments within it - even better.

Before enrolling in this program, you will need a signed referral from your doctor. An orientation fee is required for all patients interested in the Weight Management program. This $25 fee is not covered by insurance.

Achieving weight loss is a long-term process. We ask our program participants for a minimum of a four-month commitment. We also offer options to continue in our preventive and education programs beyond the initial four-month period.