After-hours and Overnight Visitor Guidelines at Henry Ford Health

Please visit during regular visiting hours unless the patient’s health care team has approved after-hours or overnight visitation in advance. Regular visiting hours at Henry Ford Health hospitals are:

  • 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. at Henry Ford Hospital (Detroit) and Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital
  • 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. at Henry Ford Jackson Hospital, Henry Ford Macomb Hospital, and Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital

Rest is an important part of patient healing. We encourage you to also get the rest you need.

Guidelines for approved overnight visitation

  • Overnight visitation must be approved in advance by the patient’s care team.
  • One adult support person age 18 years or older may be approved to stay with the patient overnight or after regular visiting hours.
  • Before and after regular visiting hours, approved overnight visitors should remain on the patient’s unit. They should not visit other units or areas of the hospital that are closed.
  • In semi-private rooms, if the visitor’s biological sex/gender is different than the patient’s, they should talk with the patient’s care team, who will direct them to a location in the hospital where they can spend the night.
  • Guidelines are different for visiting new mothers and babies in our obstetrics, labor & delivery, family-centered maternity care, and mother-baby units, including NICUs and special care nurseries. Learn more about visiting mother and baby units.

Entering the hospitals after hours

  • After hours at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, visitors must enter the hospital through the 24-hour entrance.
  • After hours at all other Henry Ford hospitals (Henry Ford Jackson, Macomb, West Bloomfield and Wyandotte hospitals), enter through the Emergency Room entrance.
  • When you arrive, the hospital entrance team will contact the unit to verify approval of your after-hours or overnight visitation.

Hospice or end-of-life visitation

  • Patients who are at the end of life or in hospice may have overnight visitation with approval of the patient’s care team.
  • The number of visitors who may be in the patient’s room at one time will be determined by the patient’s care team.
  • Visitors may include family members under 12 years of age with permission of the care team.
  • Overnight visitation for patients at end of life may include up to four visitors at one time. For large family groups, visitors may swap out.
  • At Henry Ford Hospital, visitors not in the patient’s room may wait in the Main Lobby. After hours, they may wait in the West Pavilion Lobby 4.
  • At all other hospitals, please talk to the patient’s care team for locations where you may wait while not in the patient’s room.

Visitor expectations

Overnight and after-hours visitors must follow all visitor expectations. Please review the expectations before your visit. 


Henry Ford Health’s visitor policy is subject to change. The most recent changes may not be reflected on this website. Please follow the guidelines provided by our team members when you enter the hospital or while seeing your loved one.


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