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ACMG/NSGC Practice Guidelines: Cancer Predisposition Assessment
NCCN Guidelines, Genetic/Familial High-Risk Assessment: Colorectal
NCCN Guidelines, Genetic/Familial High-Risk Assessment: Breast, Ovarian, and Pancreatic 

Next generation sequencing panels 

Hereditary cancer genetic risk testing 

Breast and ovarian cancer predisposition panels

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BRCA1 & BRCA2 Full Sequencing & Full Deletions/ Duplications
BRCA1 & BRCA2 Full Deletion/ Duplication - Only (MLPA)
Known familial Variant for BRCA1
Known familial Variant for BRCA2
BRCA1 & BRCA2 Ashkenazi Jewish Mutation Panel
Breast Cancer Risk Assessment & Management Panel (11 genes)
Hereditary Breast & Ovarian Cancer Panel (20 genes)

Other cancer predisposition panels

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Hereditary Colorectal Cancer Risk Panel (15 genes)
Hereditary Endometrial Cancer Risk Panel (18 genes)
Hereditary Familial Cutaneous Melanoma Risk Panel (2 genes)
Hereditary Melanoma Panel - Expanded (8 genes)
Hereditary Neuroendocrine Tumor Disorders Risk Panel (13 genes)
Hereditary Renal / Urinary Tract Cancer Panel (26 genes)
Hereditary Multi-Cancer Risk Assessment Panel (39 genes)
Customized Hereditary Cancer Testing (94 genes)

Inherited Disorders

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Cystic Fibrosis
SMA Carrier Screen
Thrombophilia Risk Panel

  • Prothrombin 20210 G -->A
  • Factor V (Leiden)
  • Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR)
Fragile X Syndrome
Hereditary Hemochromatosis (HFE)
Familial Mediterranean Fever (FMF)
PGx - Cytochrome P450 2C19 (CYP2C19)


Hematolymphoid next generation sequencing multi-gene panel

Hematolymphoid 51 Gene Panel
DeNovo AML Panel
Myeloproliferative Neoplasm (MPN) Panel

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RNA Tests (RT-PCR)

BCR-ABL t(9;22), p210 kD, M-bcr (major breakpoint)
BCR-ABL t(9;22), p190 kD, m-bcr (minor breakpoint)
PML-RARA t(15;17)
CBFb-MYH11 inv(16)

DNA single gene tests

JAK2 Mutation Analysis
Calreticulin (CALR) Mutation Analysis
NPM1 Mutation Analysis
FLT3 Mutation Analysis
B Cell (IGH) Gene Rearrangement
T Cell Receptor Gene Rearrangement (gamma and beta)
IDH1/2 Mutation Detection

Solid tumor next generation sequencing  

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Solid Tumor Gene Sequencing (Customizable: 1-4 Genes / 5-50 Genes)
Glioma Solid Tumor Sequencing Panel
Colorectal Cancer Panel
Lung Cancer Panel
Melanoma Panel
Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors Panel
Breast Cancer Solid Tumor Sequencing Panel
Fusion Panel - Solid Tumor
Fusion Panel - Sarcoma
Comprehensive Solid Tumor Cancer Panel (170 genes)
HFCI Lung Cancer Sequencing Panel

Brain Tumors

Glioma Solid Tumor Sequencing Panel
1p/19q Loss of Heterozygosity
MGMT Promoter Methylation in Gliomas
EGFRvIII mutation in Gliomas
IDH1/2 Mutation Detection
BRAF Mutation Detection
Fusion Panel - Solid Tumor
Fusion Panel - Sarcoma

Lung Cancers-Colorectal Cancer-Lynch Syndrome-Melanoma

EGFR TKI Sensitivity and Resistance Mutations
KRAS mutation detection for Codon 12, 13, 61 and 146
NRAS Mutation Detection for Codons 12, 13 and 61
Microsatellite Instability (MSI) Testing, IHC, MLH1 - Lynch Syndrome
Immunohistochemistry for MLH1, MSH2, MSH6 and PMS2 protein expression
MLH1 Promoter Methylation Detection
BRAF Mutation Detection


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Gestational Disease Profile
Tissue/Patient Identification by DNA Analysis (Non-paternity)
Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) detection by in-situ hybridization
Kappa/Lambda detection by in-situ hybridization

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