When to Call a Chaplain

Chaplains respect your dignity and privacy and do not impose beliefs or religious practices. Chaplains are caring listeners who have been trained to help with your special needs as a hospital patient and those of your family. We work with the health care team to ensure your spiritual needs as well as your medical needs will be addressed.

You are encouraged to call a chaplain if you experience any of the following:

  • You are anxious about your condition
  • You are anticipating surgery
  • You receive bad news
  • You face difficult decisions
  • You have a religious question
  • You want a better understanding of your relationship with God
  • You want someone to pray with you
  • You want to receive a sacrament
  • You are struggling with the meaning of your illness
  • You or your family are struggling with issues of grief and loss
  • You are having trouble sorting out your feelings
  • You are lonely
  • You or your family needs support and counsel
  • You need emotional, psychological, or spiritual support and help
  • You are discouraged, depressed, or anxious to the degree it threatens your healing
Reach out to spiritual support
Request spiritual support services 
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