Anger Management

Our Anger Management Program is designed to address problems with excessive or disruptive expressions of anger that impact relationships at home and work. Our short-term goal is to help you control your anger and express it in more appropriate ways. Long term, we work with you to reduce anger and develop better ways to cope.

What is anger management?

Anger management counseling focuses on building skills that help you address feelings of anger. The program does not eliminate anger, but it does help you control how you react to it.

Anger is a normal human emotion. When it is expressed in unhealthy ways -- such as aggressive and physically or mentally abusive behaviors that negatively impact relationships and your job -- it may be a sign you could benefit from counseling.

Anger management classes at Henry Ford

Our program uses behavioral-cognitive therapy and social learning techniques to help you understand that anger is a:

  • Natural and necessary human emotion
  • Vehicle for problem solving
  • Source of severe disruption in one's life

Behavioral-cognitive therapy focuses on understanding the triggers that cause anger to help you control it. It is a proven technique for helping people cope with anger and learn to react differently in anger-inducing situations.

Often medications may also help people with chronic anger problems or with other psychiatric problems that contribute to the anger.

Referrals for anger management at Henry Ford

Patients may be self referred, or referred by employers or courts. We require that drug and alcohol issues be addressed before or during Anger Management Treatment. If you have any other mental health conditions, such as depression or addiction, you may also need to address these issues before entering the program.

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