It is normal to have a case of the "blues" from time to time. For most people, those feelings pass. However, depression is much more severe and unrelenting sadness, often accompanied by feelings of helplessness that interfere with relationships and daily activities.

With appropriate treatment, people with depression can be helped. Perfect Depression Care at Henry Ford is a nationally recognized program for excellent outcomes and patient-centered care.

Perfect Depression Care at Henry Ford

At Henry Ford, our expert team is setting a new standard for depression care. Our goal is to eliminate suicide by making sure people with depression get the help they need.

Perfect Depression Care works because it:

  • Relies on leading scientific evidence to ensure patient safety, quality and the best possible outcomes
  • Involves you in every step of your care
  • Provides help when you want and need it, including on-line support
  • Enhances communication between patients and providers

Lowering suicide risk with perfect depression care

We assess all patients with depression for their suicide risk and triaged them for psychiatric evaluation based on risk:

  • High risk: Seen on the same day
  • Low risk: Evaluated within seven days

Depression treatment at Henry Ford

We believe in patient-centered care, which considers your individual preferences, needs and values when designing care plans and making clinical decisions.

  • We partner with you to develop a clear vision for meeting your needs with a personalized treatment plan
  • Our Behavioral Health outpatient sites offer one or more drop-in group appointments each week that are led by a psychiatrist and a social worker.
  • You have access to a depression website maintained by our program and can communicate with our behavioral clinicians via e-mail.

Women and depression at Henry Ford

Evidence shows that women's mental health issues sometimes have unique causes. Depression in women may be rooted in victimization, poverty, life role conflicts and personality issues.

Approximately one in 10 women will experience depression during pregnancy or the postpartum period.

These are all key reasons why we take a special approach with women and depression at Henry Ford. Our experts understand that women have unique needs. We consider your particular life stage -- adolescence, reproduction or menopause -- when developing a treatment plan.

National recognition for perfect depression care at Henry Ford

Perfect Depression Care was one of 12 national projects selected in 2001 by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to serve as a roadmap for health care redesign. Our unique approach has received national accolades for improving quality in depression care, and achieving unprecedented reductions in suicides.

Our program has won several highly prestigious national health care awards, including:

  • The Joint Commission's Earnest Amory Codman Award
  • The Gold Achievement Award of the American Psychiatric Association
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