Brain Tumor Laser Therapy With Visualase

The Visualase system is an MRI-guided, minimally invasive ablation system that allows for monitoring of treatment in real time. The system is FDA-cleared for the ablation of soft tissue, including for neurosurgical procedures.

The Visualase system uses laser therapy to destroy certain brain tumors. Once light energy is delivered to the target, temperatures begin to rise, soon destroying unwanted tissue.

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How brain tumor laser therapy works

At its most basic, Visualase brain tumor laser treatment involves three steps:

  1. In the operating room, the laser applicator is placed through a small opening in the skull.
  2. The patient is placed in an intraoperative MRI unit. The laser position is confirmed with imaging and a low-power test dose. During brain tumor laser therapy, clinicians can control the ablation intensity while monitoring the temperature and treatment results in real time.
  3. The laser applicator is removed and the incision is closed.

Advantages of brain tumor laser treatment

Brain tumor laser therapy offers several potential benefits:

  • Destruction of targeted tissue through a minimally invasive technique instead of a craniotomy
  • Minimal sutures required, usually just one stitch
  • Shorter hospital stays, in most cases
  • Reduced scarring compared to open procedures
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