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Surgery to remove one or more of the parathyroid glands is called a parathyroidectomy. This surgery is a highly effective treatment for parathyroid disease.

Our skilled parathyroid surgeons perform a high volume of parathyroidectomies each year. This experience and expertise results in better outcomes and higher cure rates for our patients.

At Henry Ford Health,  we use parathyroidectomy to treat all types of parathyroid disorders, including:

Types of parathyroidectomy we perform

The parathyroid surgeons at Henry Ford are experts at all types of parathyroid surgery. This allows them to customize a treatment plan specific to your needs. Surgical options include:

Bilateral neck exploration

During this traditional parathyroidectomy, surgeons explore all four parathyroid glands to identify and remove the overactive glands.

Minimally invasive parathyroidectomy

When possible, our surgeons use minimally invasive, endoscopic techniques. Using an endoscope (thin tube with a light and camera attached), we can successfully remove overactive glands through a tiny incision. These outpatient procedures result in faster recovery times and minimal scars.

Minimally invasive parathyroidectomy is most successful when we’re able to pinpoint the overactive glands prior to surgery. We use ultrasound or parathyroid scan to identify which glands need to be removed.

Re-operative parathyroidectomy

In some cases, parathyroid surgery doesn’t cure the condition. If you’ve had an unsuccessful parathyroidectomy elsewhere, our expert surgeons can help.
Re-operative surgery is complex and challenging, requiring a highly skilled surgeon. Our parathyroid surgeons are specially trained to perform successful repeat procedures.


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