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Ear, Nose and Throat

The Henry Ford Department of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery offers the most advanced treatments for all diseases of the head and neck. We offer comprehensive, cutting-edge care tailored to each individual patient’s preferences and needs.

The main mission of our department is patient-care. From the common to the most complex cases, we see more than 50,000 outpatients and perform more than 1,800 head and neck surgeries yearly. Our department has fellowship trained otolaryngologists in the areas of pediatrics, rhinology, facial plastics and reconstructive surgery, sleep medicine, laryngology, thyroid and parathyroid minimally invasive surgery, head and neck oncology, and neurotology. This means regardless of the complexity of the problem there is an exceptionally well trained physician to take care of it.

Our otolaryngologists, audiologists, and ENT team members work hard to ensure the best care for you. If you are experiencing any issues with your head or neck, our team can diagnose the cause of your condition and recommend the treatment that will result in the best possible outcome.

Be the CEO of your health

Among his many titles – business consultant, former emergency financial manager for Detroit Public Schools, to name a few – there is one that Robert Bobb especially touts: Being the CEO of his health.

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Patient story: from Alaska for care

As Lonnie Lamoreaux carried on with life in Anchorage, Alaska, it became more difficult to hold conversations without wheezing or coughing. His hometown doctor said there nothing could be done there.

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Specialized care

We offer one of the most respected and clinically experienced programs in the nation, and provide innovative solutions, ranging from minimally invasive procedures to the most complex cases involving the head and neck.

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