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Head and Neck Cancers

Explore treatment and support options for head and neck cancers.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer of the head and neck, you are not alone. Our team treats more than 300 patients from across Michigan, the United States and Canada each year using advanced, effective treatment and surgical options.

Why choose Henry Ford?

At Henry Ford, we understand the challenges of head and neck cancer diagnosis and treatment, and design a plan tailored to your needs. You will benefit from our comprehensive approach to care, including:

Highly qualified physicians

All of our head and neck cancer physicians are board certified, and our surgeons are fellowship trained in head and neck surgery. Our radiation oncologists focus exclusively on treating patients with head and neck cancers -- a skill not found at most centers.

Multidisciplinary tumor board

Our tumor board is a group of about 15 head and neck cancer experts who, together, review your case and develop your individualized treatment plan. Our tumor board includes experts in:

  • Nursing
  • Speech-language pathology
  • Dentistry

Leading-edge treatments

We use the most advanced techniques to fight your head and neck cancer. Our specialists are pioneers in treating head and neck cancers with minimally invasive surgeries such as:

We also offer advanced radiation oncology, and individualized drug hormone therapy and chemotherapy to target the cancer and minimize cancer-related symptoms.

Because we are a leader in the field of cancer research, patients often have access to cutting-edge clinical trials for new head and neck cancer treatments. You and your doctor can discuss the possible benefits of a clinical trial for your care.

Reconstructive surgery

If you need surgery as part of your treatment plan, you may be worried about how it might affect your appearance or ability to swallow or talk. We offer reconstructive surgery in sub-specialties including ear surgeons and neurosurgeons with the goal of returning patients to their normal, daily lives.

Specialized rehabilitation and therapy

We are among very few hospitals that have a dedicated behavioral health psychologist who supports patients who have depression or other issues due to their diagnosis or treatment. We also employ a specialized speech-language pathologist who provides swallowing and speech therapy after treatment.

Head and neck cancer support services

We pride ourselves on providing extensive support to head and neck cancer patients. Some of the support services we provide include:

  • Pre- and post-treatment clinics to ensure you are supported in all aspects of care
  • Dedicated nurse navigators to arrange your care and answer questions
  • Help when you transition home from the hospital
  • On-site living arrangements for out-of-town patients who need to stay for treatment
  • Our dedicated Head & Neck Cancer Support Group
  • Our patient advisory council, which brings together patients and caregivers who have managed head or neck cancer treatment
Some forms of head and neck cancer run in families. If you have one of these cancers, we offer a cancer genetic testing program so your family members can learn if they may be at risk.

Surgical Options

We're leaders in groundbreaking minimally invasive surgical techniques to treat head and neck cancers.

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Meet Robert Bobb

Robert Bobb was diagnosed with tongue cancer in 2010. He turned to the Head and Neck Cancer team at Henry Ford Hospital. Robert shares his story of survivorship.

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