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Head and Neck Cancers

Explore treatment and support options for head and neck cancers.

The National Cancer Institute estimates that head and neck cancers account for about 3 percent of all cancer cases. If you have a head or neck cancer, you’re not alone. And you won’t be alone in your fight against the disease.

Our team treats more than 300 patients each year for head and neck cancers. We’ll provide the care and comfort you need to beat your disease.

Head and neck cancer diagnosis

The first step is to learn as much as we can about your cancer. Our screening and diagnostic options give our doctors the information they need to treat your particular condition, including which type of head or neck cancer you have and what stage of the disease.

Some forms of head and neck cancer run in families. If you have one of these cancers, we offer a cancer genetic testing program so your family members can learn if they may be at risk.

Head and neck cancer treatment

Once we’ve diagnosed your head or neck cancer, our team will meet to discuss your case in a group setting called a tumor board. At these meetings, specialists will develop your treatment plan. Our head and neck cancers tumor board includes professionals from the following fields:

We have pioneered advanced minimally invasive surgical procedures to remove head and neck cancer tumors. These minimally invasive techniques mean fewer complications, less pain, and better outcomes for our patients. These techniques for head and neck cancers include:

Additional treatment options

Our surgical team includes skilled subspecialists in a variety of fields. These subspecialists include:

  • Ear surgeons
  • Neurosurgeons (brain and nerve specialists)
  • Plastic surgeons (for reconstructive surgery in some cases)

Because we are a leader in the field of cancer research, patients often have access to cutting-edge clinical trials for new head and neck cancer treatments. You and your doctor can discuss the possible benefits of a clinical trial for your care.

Head and neck cancer education and support

We pride ourselves on providing extensive support to head and neck cancer patients. Some of the education and support we provide includes:

  • Dedicated nurse navigators to arrange your care and answer questions
  • Help when you transition home from the hospital
  • On-site living arrangements for out-of-town patients who need to stay for treatment
  • Our dedicated Head & Neck Cancer Support Group
  • Our patient advisory council, which brings together patients and caregivers who have managed head or neck cancer treatment

No matter where you are in your head or neck cancer journey, remember this: You’re not alone. We’ll support you through your treatment and beyond.

Surgical Options

We’re leaders in groundbreaking minimally invasive surgical technique to treat head and neck cancers

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