Patient Stories

Our team serves as a destination for people from around the country seeking the most advanced options for head and neck cancer treatment. By mastering the techniques of Transoral Robotic Surgery (TORS), our surgeons are significantly minimizing nerve and tissue damage in patients, giving them the chance to tell their survival stories in their own words.

Leroy’s Story

After experiencing a nagging sore throat that wouldn’t go away, 50-year-old Leroy took a trip to Urgent Care to find what the source of the problem was.

Quintin’s Story

In a 16-year-old athlete, mouth cancer struck with a vengeance. When Quintin Roberts, a star basketball player and avid horseback rider, was diagnosed with the disease, he was confronted with his mortality.

Bill’s Story

Bill experienced persistent pain on the back of his tongue, which he would learn was cancer. Bill sought out a treatment team with a less radical approach to removing the cancer and ultimately, found a team he trusts.

Tony's Story

Tony's story

Sales rep with throat cancer, likely related to HPV, chose Henry Ford experts for treatment. A supportive team os specialists managed the side effects during and after treatment, and he’s grateful for all the compassionate care he received which allowed him to get back to living life.

Tessa's story

When Tessa Goldberg found a small lump on her neck she immediately went to Henry Ford. The head and neck cancer specialists treated her throat cancer. At age 61, Tessa could speak nine languages – But it was the language of dignity spoken by radiation oncologist Farzan Siddiqui, M.D., Ph.D., that would change the course of Tessa’s recovery.

Ed's story

“Racing is my relaxation, even though it takes immense concentration,” says Ed. “I told Dr. Chang I wasn’t ready to give that up, and I was hopeful I would make a full recovery to get back to doing what I loved.”

Ken's story

Ken left his Traverse City home to live six weeks in Detroit during the peak of Covid-19 for crucial tongue cancer treatment. He knew he made the right decision for his health and safety the minute he arrived at Henry Ford Hospital.

Al's story

When Al was diagnosed with oropharyngeal cancer he feared he would lose his voice — and his job. As a hockey announcer, it was important for Al to preserve his voice. The Henry Ford team had a plan.

Bobbie's story

Oral cancer had wrapped around Bobbie's bottom teeth. Surgery to remove the cancer left her without a full mouth of teeth and the ability to eat solid food for three and a half years! Thanks to Dr. Steven Chang and the team at Henry Ford, Bobbie is back to enjoying life and eating solid food.

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