Kidney Cancer Clinical Trials

Henry Ford Cancer offers the most advanced treatment available, including the latest kidney cancer clinical trials.

Any cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. If you’ve been diagnosed with kidney cancer, you want to know you’re receiving the best available care. At Henry Ford Cancer, our expert team offers the latest treatment, including kidney cancer clinical trials.

We’re among the top programs in the country for treating kidney cancer, including rare forms of the disease. We offer comprehensive, personalized treatment options, some of which we have helped to pioneer through clinical trials and other research. Our specialists are experienced in advanced procedures such as robotic surgery  and nonsurgical kidney cancer treatments such as cryoablation. However, in cases where kidney cancer has metastasized  or spread to another organ, surgery may not always be an option.

Trials for metastatic kidney cancer

Henry Ford offers kidney cancer clinical trials designed to treat metastatic forms of the disease. This type of advanced cancer can be more difficult to treat, given that it can spread anywhere in the body. Our team was the world’s first to treat a patient through a three-part therapy that included a tumor suctioning procedure, minimally invasive kidney removal surgery and a clinical trial. The clinical trial used genetic material from the patient’s tumor to produce a vaccine to fight the metastatic kidney cancer.

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If you were diagnosed with kidney cancer, we may have a clinical trial for you.

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How kidney cancer clinical trials work

When you participate in a kidney cancer clinical trial, you’re getting access to the latest experimental therapies available. These voluntary research studies help to test the safety and effectiveness of emerging treatments.

All clinical trials conducted in the United States must adhere to a strict, predetermined protocol and must be approved and monitored by an Institutional Review Board (IRB) composed of physicians, scientists, statisticians and laypeople who are responsible for ensuring that any risks are minimal relative to the potential benefits of the study. Learn more about how cancer clinical trials work.

Participating in a kidney cancer clinical trial

Not all patients are eligible to enroll in a clinical trial. Each clinical trial has its own guidelines for who can participate. These guidelines are in place to ensure the safety of trial participants and make sure the data we collect can be used to evaluate the trial’s effectiveness.

Typically, the decision to participate is made by your care team in conjunction with you and your family as part of your overall personalized treatment plan.

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