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Kidney Cancer

Explore surgical and nonsurgical options to treat renal cancer.

Kidney cancer -- sometimes called renal cancer -- is one of the 10 most common cancers in men and women. That means you’re not alone in your diagnosis. Rest assured you won’t be alone in your treatment either. Our team of kidney doctors will give you the care, comfort, and reassurance you need as you recover.

Kidney cancer diagnosis

The first step in your care is to find out as much as we can about your condition. Our two primary concerns are where your cancer is and if it has spread to other areas. We use this and other critical information to create a treatment plan that’s right for you.

Our advanced diagnostic options give our kidney doctors the insights they need to treat your specific symptoms and condition.

Kidney cancer treatment

We are a longtime leader in treating kidney cancer, having developed new methods for removing and examining kidney tumors. We offer several kidney cancer treatment options, such as robotic kidney surgery and cryoablation, a process that freezes kidney tumors.

As our patient, you’ll have access to our wide array of cancer treatment options, including interventional radiology.

Conditions related to kidney cancer

Kidney cancer is just one of the many conditions our doctors treat at Henry Ford. We care for patients with many other kidney and urologic conditions, including bladder cancer and other cancers of the urinary system.

Learn more

You likely will have more questions during your treatment and recovery. We provide answers, support, and resources to patients and families along the way.

Meeting others who can relate to what you’re going through can provide a great source of strength. We encourage you to take advantage of resources available to kidney cancer patients and their families:

Some of our patients have shared their stories so others can learn from their experiences.

Above all, remember you’re not alone. We’re here to support you throughout your kidney cancer treatment and beyond.

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