Leading Kidney Cancer Treatment

Many Patients will Benefit from our Kidney-Saving Treatments Options.

When you have kidney cancer, you want the most effective treatment. Our kidney surgeons and specialists are pioneers in innovative kidney cancer treatment and robotic-assisted kidney surgery, having performed more than 1,200 robotic surgeries. We have developed minimally invasive robotic surgical techniques to remove the tumor while saving the kidney and preserving kidney function, often for even the most complex cases. 

Our program is led by Craig Rogers, M.D., the No. 1 robotic kidney surgeon in the Midwest, and one of the most experienced robotic kidney surgeons in the world.

Types of Kidney Cancer Treatment

Our tumor board meets weekly to create a personalized treatment plan to offer you the best possible outcome. We offer innovative and kidney-sparing surgical techniques and treatment options, including:

  • Minimally invasive robot-assisted surgery
  • Cryoablation, a nonsurgical treatment we use to freeze and destroy small kidney tumors
  • Traditional open surgery, which is needed in rare cases where tumors are large, complex, or invasive
  • Active observation (watchful waiting) to monitor your tumors on a regular basis rather than immediately proceeding with a treatment plan. It an alternative to kidney cancer treatment for some patients with tumors too small to remove surgically, or older patients (age 60 and above) with slow-growing tumors unlikely to spread to other areas of the body
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Metastatic Kidney Cancer Treatment

Kidney cancer that has spread elsewhere in your body -- known as metastatic kidney cancer – is more difficult to treat than kidney cancer that is still completely within the kidney. But you still have treatment options, including: 

  • Advanced chemotherapy treatments: We can use several medicines to help shrink kidney cancer tumors. You can take some of these medications in pill form. Others are injectable immunotherapy treatments.
  • Surgery to remove the kidney: Patients with advanced kidney cancer that has spread may have some survival benefits if they have a cancerous kidney removed. 
  • Minimally invasive robotic kidney surgery
  • Clinical trials:  You can meet with medical oncologist Clara Hwang, M.D. to discuss additional options to treat your metastatic kidney cancer.

Our team continues to investigate new treatments for metastatic kidney cancer. In 2015, interventional radiologist Scott Schwartz, M.D. was the first doctor in the world to perform a new procedure that involved suctioning a kidney cancer tumor from a patient’s vena cava (a vein that carries blood into the heart). The patient then underwent minimally invasive kidney removal surgery and participated in a clinical trial. This clinical trial used genetic material from the patient’s tumor to produce a vaccine to fight the metastatic kidney cancer.

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