Cancer Support Services

Stand together with those touched by kidney cancer as we work to beat the disease.

Our team of kidney cancer doctors, surgeons, nurses, and other professionals will give you the care you need from the first day you partner with us. We’ll discuss treatment options, including our expertise in robotic kidney cancer surgery and nonsurgical treatment by freezing kidney tumors.

But that’s not the only support you’ll find. You can gain strength from others who have been in your shoes. And you can support us and future patients as we continue the battle against kidney cancer for years to come.

Support systems for kidney cancer patients and family members

One of the best ways to cope with kidney cancer is to learn from others who have done just that. Some of our patients have shared their stories about kidney cancer and treatment. These stories provide insights into kidney cancer treatment and life after cancer.

The hope and understanding patients gain from one another as they share their stories is powerful. That’s why we encourage you to find and join a kidney cancer support group. Two groups we recommend are the National Kidney Foundation and Gilda’s Club Metro Detroit.

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