Patient Stories

At Henry Ford, our patients motivate us to continue providing high-class, compassionate and personalized care. Each patient is unique in their journey through kidney cancer, and by using techniques like our minimally invasive robotic-assisted procedure and nanoknife procedure, we help patients get back to their lives. Here are some of their stories:

Michelle M’s Story


Michelle ignored the signs something wasn’t right with her body – and that was when she was diagnosed with kidney cancer and a blood-clotting disorder. Now, she urges people to follow their instincts and see a doctor if something doesn’t feel right. Read more

Clyde’s Story


To remove a tumor on his left kidney, Clyde chose to undergo the first nanoknife procedure for a kidney tumor in Michigan. This option eliminated the need for a high risk, traditional procedure. Read more

Michelle W’s story

oral cancer patient michelle wilson

Aggressive and expert care didn’t just help Michelle beat cancer once, it also caught and helped defeat a second bout with cancer. Read more

Joe's Story

kidney cancer patient Joe thumbnailWhen Joe learned he had a small, potentially cancerous tumor on his left kidney, he traveled 450 miles from the Upper Peninsula for surgery. Now Henry Ford offers a telemedicine program for patients in the U.P. and beyond. Read more

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