What to Expect from Blood Cancer Treatment

Knowing what to expect from blood cancer treatment can help put your mind at ease and ensure the procedures are as effective as possible. Henry Ford Cancer Institute specialists explain your treatment options and prepare you for every stage of care.

Before blood cancer treatment

You’ll see the same blood cancer doctor from diagnosis to treatment, recovery and follow-up visits. Your doctor reviews your diagnosis, explains your treatment options and works with you to create a customized treatment plan.

We give you detailed guidelines before treatment, so you can feel prepared and have the best possible outcome. We also introduce you to other team members involved in your care.

During blood cancer treatment

Your treatment varies depending on the type and stage of cancer. Your doctor explains when and where you need to come in for a stem cell transplant, chemotherapy, immunotherapy or radiation therapy. If you traveled to Henry Ford for a diagnosis, you may be able to receive some treatments at a center in your community.

Scheduling support

Your nurse navigator helps schedule your appointments and streamline your care. Whenever possible, we plan for you to see multiple specialists in the same visit.

Making care more comfortable

Your care also includes supportive measures to decrease side effects and improve your outcomes. These may include antinausea medication and growth factors to stimulate blood cell production.

Blood and lymph cancer treatment from multiple specialists

Several specialists consult on your blood cancer or lymph cancer treatment. Our doctors discuss your case during tumor boards, which are weekly meetings among our cancer experts, such as medical oncologists and radiation oncologists. Including multiple experts means you receive care that’s comprehensive and appropriate for your unique needs.

Our team includes:

  • Hematologist-oncologists, who are trained in hematology (the study of blood) and oncology (the study of cancer)
  • Medical oncologists, who specialize in delivering chemotherapy and other powerful drugs to treat cancer
  • Pathologists, who diagnose and stage cancer
  • Radiologists, who diagnose cancer using advanced medical imaging technology
  • Radiation oncologists, who prescribe, administer and monitor specialized radiation treatments

Communication with your primary care provider

We work closely with your primary care provider or other referring doctor. Keeping your care team informed helps ensure that your other medical care continues smoothly during and after treatment. Regular communication also helps us prevent or treat health concerns caused by cancer treatment.

After blood cancer treatment

Your Henry Ford care team supports you long after you finish cancer treatment. You have regular follow-up appointments to monitor your health and check for any signs of recurrence (cancer returning). If you can’t make it to our office, we offer convenient virtual visits for routine follow-up appointments and questions.

We enjoy staying in touch with our patients and hearing about their lives after treatment. Meet other blood cancer survivors through our virtual cancer support groups and read patient stories.


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