Parkinson's Disease Rehabilitation Programs

Henry Ford Health System offers several therapy programs to help improve the gait, speech, movement and overall quality of life and functionality of Parkinson's patients. They include:

Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) Big and Loud Therapy™

As the name suggests, LSVT Big and Loud Therapy™ is designed to help those living with Parkinson's to speak loud and move big.

Taught by specially trained therapists, this intensive, four-week program is ideal for patients who've been newly diagnosed, but appropriate for those at any stage of the disease. It contains two parts:

  • LSVT Big™ - physical or occupational therapists perform exercises and teach skills that improve major motor skills like walking, arm and leg movement and balance.
  • LSVT Loud™ - speech-language pathologists teach patients how to stimulate voice box muscles, which increases vocal loudness without shouting or yelling.

Patients leave sessions with exercises to continue practicing at home.

Like all Henry Ford rehabilitation programs, the goal of Big and Loud is to help patients reach their fullest potential.

For more information or to register, call the locations listed below.

Parkinson's exercise and support group

These classes are focused on helping increase physical and social activity and prevent falls.

Group exercise classes are available at no cost.

Parkinson's disease and movement disorders videos

View Henry Ford Health System videos on Parkinson's disease.

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