Our Primary Care Team

Your primary care doctor (PCP) is an important member of your care team. They help keep you well and get you the right care when you’re sick. Your PCP helps you maintain your health with essential tests and proactive procedures, like immunizations and regular physical exams. They will also help you find a specialist if you ever need advanced care. And because all our doctors can access your electronic medical record through MyChart, everyone is on the same page about your medical history, test results and needed care.

Our team includes three types of doctors. Choose the right primary care doctor for you and your family:

Family medicine: Family medicine doctors are your one-stop provider for health care. The practice of family medicine is different from internal medicine and pediatrics in that family medicine doctors are trained to care for people of all ages. Many people see their family medicine doctors for their entire lives.

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Internal medicine: Internists are trained to treat many medical problems adults 18+ face. From minor illnesses to chronic diseases, they get to know your personal medical history and evaluate how you respond to treatments.

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Pediatricians: When it comes to your child’s health you want the best care available. The Henry Ford Department of Pediatrics includes board-certified pediatricians who offer primary care and advanced specialty care services. Pediatric doctors have special training to care only for children from birth to age 21.

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