Hand Therapy


Hand therapy is a specialized treatment that helps a patient restore strength, range of motion and overall use of his or her hand after an accident, surgery, fracture, nerve injury, or the onset of a chronic health condition like arthritis.

Henry Ford hand therapists are experienced occupational and physical therapists who have earned additional, advanced certifications in hand therapy and the upper extremities.

These therapists carefully evaluate each patient's challenges and abilities and then create an individualized treatment plan designed to help the patient return to normal activities as quickly as possible, without risk of additional injury.

Treatment generally consists of exercises focused on strengthening muscles and improving dexterity. Custom splints, sensory re-education and an at-home care plan may also be incorporated, as well as pain and scar management strategies.

Hand therapy is offered at:

Henry Ford Macomb Health Center - Chesterfield
(586) 421-3030

Henry Ford Macomb Health Center - Warren
(586) 759-7474

Henry Ford Macomb Health Center - Washington Township
(586) 336-2480

Henry Ford Macomb Hospital - Clinton Township
(586) 263-2480

Henry Ford Medical Center - Columbus
(248) 344-2300

Henry Ford Medical Center - Cottage
(313) 640-2200

Henry Ford Medical Center - Detroit Northwest
(313) 543-6295

Henry Ford Medical Center - Fairlane
(313) 982-8179

Henry Ford Medical Center - Lakeside
(586) 566-4201

Henry Ford Medical Center - New Center One
(313) 916-3162

Henry Ford Wyandotte Physical Rehabilitation
(734) 284-4499

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