Weight Management and Wellness Resources

weight management seminar host handing our recipes from cooking demo
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Yvonne Moses, hands out samples of butternut squash risotto at a cooking demonstration during a weekly group class.

The Metabolic Health and Weight Management Team is passionate about the wellness of our patients and employees at Henry Ford Health System. Below are recommended resources to support you in your journey.

Recommended Online Resources

The Center for Science in the Public Interest

The True Health Initiative

Recommended Books

  • The Social Network Diet
    By Dr Miriam Nelson PhD, Tufts University School of Nutrition
  • Volumetrics – How to Feel Full on Fewer Calories
    By Dr. Barbara Rolls PhD Penn State University
  • Eating the Moment - a book on how to manage emotional eating
    By Dr. Pavel Somov PhD
  • Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer from those who've Lived the Longest
    By Dan Buettner, National Geographic Society fellow
  • The Pritikin Edge
    By Dr. Robert Vogel MD
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