Frequently Asked Questions for International Patients

Traveling across the world for medical care may feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Henry Ford Health goes above and beyond to make sure you are fully prepared and supported. Our care coordinators are available to answer any questions you have. Here are answers to some more frequently asked questions:

International patient basics

International patient medical record

International patient services

Learn if becoming a Henry Ford Health international patient is right for you.

How long does it take to schedule a procedure once I know I can receive treatment at the hospital?

A consult with a physician is needed prior to a procedure being scheduled. Once your consult is complete, we will work with you and the care team to schedule your procedure/surgery.

When can I start my travel plans?

After reviewing your medical records, our United States board-certified doctors will determine if treatment at Henry Ford Health is right for you. Once you receive a report with your treatment plan and cost estimate, our care coordinators will advise you on the next steps.

How can I pay for my care?

We accept credit cards and wire transfers in U.S. currency. Our care coordination team can assist you in making payments.

What should I bring with me before treatment?

Aside from personal belongings, you must have documentation to enter the United States. Having American currency on hand is recommended. A member of the care coordination team will make sure you have a checklist of everything you need.

What should I expect when I'm in the hospital?

Expect to be treated by board-certified physicians at one of the top-ranked hospitals in the U.S. known for quality, excellent patient care and customer service. Your care coordinator can go over any specifics that you may want to know about ahead of time.

Is there WiFi?

WiFi is available throughout all our facilities.

How do I submit my medical records?

Before submitting any records, contact a care coordinator. They will explain how to submit your records.

Once all of my medical records are received, how long will it take for the review?

Once we receive all of your medical records, it typically takes 10 business days for a complete review. Learn more about the medical records review process.

How can I access records after my treatment at Henry Ford Health?

We use a privacy-protected online medical record called MyChart. You can set up a free account that allows you to access all your records and contact your doctors. Your Henry Ford Health MyChart account is completely secure and available 24 hours a day on any mobile device or computer.

Where should I send all my medical and payment documentation?

Your care coordinator will advise you of the best way to send medical and payment documents.

What services does the care coordination team provide?

The care coordinators provide many services. Some of these include having the medical records reviewed by our top physicians as well as helping schedule your appointments. For a complete list of services provided, please call us at +13139168443.

What services do you provide for Canadian patients?

Canadian patients have access to the same world-class outpatient and subspecialty care that we provide to all our international patients.

What if I need an interpreter?

The hospital offers interpreters in more than 120 languages, including services for the deaf and hearing-impaired. This ensures that we can communicate effectively with our patients and their families.

How can I contact the team that handles international patients?

You can contact our care coordination team via phone by calling +13139168443 or email us at

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