On-Site LEAN Training

On-Site LEAN Training Programs
Henry Ford Production System LEAN for Leaders

  • LEAN BRONZE Certification (HealthStream)
  • LEAN GOLD Certification (7.5 CME)
  • LEAN SILVER Certification (14 CME)

"It’s the work, not the man that manages."    "The business of management is to manage. The thing to be managed is the work." -Henry Ford

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LEAN BRONZE Certification (HealthStream)
On-Line, Training Modules for Healthcare Professionals

This course offers a basic level education to LEAN training with six online modules. Registrants would take an exam and achieve 80% or higher for completion and certificate.  

Course content

  1. Lean Fundamentals and Tools
  2. Lean 5S
  3. Deviation Management System
  4. Daily Management System
  5. Process Mapping
  6. Problem Solving PDCA/A3

LEAN GOLD Certification (One-Day)
One-Day Advance Management Training for Healthcare Leaders

2023 marked the 18th year of the Henry Ford Production System and our experience sharing LEAN for leaders. This 1-day course includes deep dives into LEAN Leadership, Hoshin Strategic Planning, Key Performance Indicators, Team Management and Human Development, Improvement Management System, Deviation Management System, Daily Management System, Development and Sustaining Systems, Manager’s Standard Work Checklist.

In 2017, this course was offered to Leadership of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Product Line with great reviews for leadership empowerment for integrated horizontal management. In October 2017 this course was offered at The Lab Quality Confab as a post conference all day course and received great reviews.

Course Content

  1. Lean Leadership - Overview of Lean management
  2. Lean Strategic Planning System - Basics of Strategy Deployment (Policy Deployment), Hoshin kanri, KPIs and relationship to employee-based lean improvements
  3. Team Management System - Team Leader System for employee engagement and accountability, promoting functional and effective teams, repairing dysfunctional teams
  4. Deviation Management System - Going beyond whiteboards to identification of opportunities for improvement, initiation of root cause, corrective and preventive action documentation
  5. Daily Management System - Going beyond whiteboards to identification of opportunities for improvement, initiation of root cause, corrective and preventive action documentation
  6. Improvement Management System - Practical approaches to team-based problem solving, VSM, PDCA, rules in use, metrics, kaizen
  7. Development and Sustaining Systems - Problem resolution and improvement to root cause aligned with policy deployment goals and deviation management knowledge
  8. Manager’s Standard Work Checklist - Approaches to human development system and sustaining mechanisms at all levels of work


LEAN SILVER Certification (Two-Day)

2023 marks the 18th year of the Henry Ford Production System and our experience sharing LEAN for leaders. This 2-day course provides basic foundational knowledge of Deming’s management philosophy for continuous improvement with human engagement at the level of the work, manufacturing-based work rules and process improvement tools derived from the Toyota Production System, supporting and sustaining management systems derived from our 14 year LEAN and ISO 15189 journey to a continuous improvement culture.

This course offers a didactic hands-on approach to LEAN management with a focus not only on the tools of improvement but emphasizing the necessary development of underlying leadership and management systems and approaches that will prepare physicians, administrators and technical support staff for the realities and challenges of culture change for continuous improvement.

Course Content

  1. LEAN Leadership and Cultural Transformation - We will review the antecedents and history and philosophy of LEAN, leadership, structure, and resources required for successful cultural transformation for continuous improvement supporting the management systems. He will share his experiences, successes and failures in implementing a LEAN culture since 2004 in the Laboratory Product Line of the Henry Ford Health System.
  2. LEAN Fundamentals and Methodology - In this module you will learn the fundamentals of LEAN thinking and methodology to identify and eliminate waste from processes to continuously improve efficiency and achieve reliability. We will review practical examples that you can implement in your own work environment.
  3. 5S, Workplace Organization - We will describe workplace organization methodology that uses 5S to establish, standardize and maintain a visual workplace as the initial step of a LEAN system.
  4. Daily Management and Metrics - This presentation will demonstrate the methodology to design and sustain a focus on fixing critical work defects at the level of the work by visual management owned by divisional managers and supervisors.
  5. Lean Automation - We will describe our approach and successes of converting the core laboratory into an automation system
  6. Lean Laboratories Group Tours - The participants will tour the Clinical & Surgical Pathology labs in groups to observe LEAN tools in practice, and engage with the empowered workforce in LEAN designed work cells and processes. Although this work may differ from your own, the principles that people employ to identify and resolve their own work problems are similar.
  7. Waste Walk Observation Training & Video Exercise - Observation training: In this presentation you will learn the types of in-process waste and how to identify them.  Video Exercise - "St. Elsewhere"
    As a group you will view a video of defective work contributed by clinical service team members in order to review sources of waste and defective handoffs.
  8. Kanban - This presentation will review the Kanban system to achieve efficiency in inventory ordering, maintenance and storage.  
  9. Value Stream Mapping [VSM] - In groups we will design a VSM of your selected process as we identify non-value added work, bottlenecks and redundant paths. This process design will assist the team to identify one bottleneck to use during the A3 problem solving breakout session. Participants will choose one spokesperson and briefly review their real-life observations of process defects that will subsequently be developed into process improvement initiatives. Breakout: Develop the VSM with your group. 
  10. Plan-Do-Check-Act [PDCA]/ A3 Writing (Method of Problem Solving) - We will work with identified problems from VSM exercise and postulate a data-driven process improvement by formulating the problem statement, hypothesis, current and target conditions, solutions and a guestimate of problem resolution. Breakout: PDCA problem solving A3 writing
    Participants will develop a detailed A3 on a defect from the VSM exercise and appoint a group leader to report-out your improvement story to the class. 

This course is intended for:

Physicians • Healthcare Leaders • Nurses • Technologists • Pathologists • Residents • Directors • Managers • Administrators • Quality Staff and Medical Officers

Lean Silver and Gold courses are held at:

Henry Ford Hospital, Education & Research Building , 2nd Floor Multi-Purpose Rooms, Detroit, MI 48202 and is available by registering at the Henry Ford Continuing Medical Education web site:

The Henry Ford Laboratory System is featured in Dr. Jeffrey Liker's book, The Toyota Way to Continuous Improvement (2011) and was awarded ISO 15189 accreditation in 2013 by the College of American Pathologists as the first integrated and the largest ISO accredited system of laboratories in the US. US.


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