On-Site LEAN Training

Henry Ford Production System LEAN for Leaders
Two-Day Training Program for Healthcare Leaders
LEAN Silver Certification

Training dates for 2017: 

April 27-28, 2017
Sept 21-22, 2017

"It’s the work, not the man that manages."

"The business of management is to manage. The thing to be managed is the work." -Henry Ford


2017 marks the 12th year of the Henry Ford Production System and our experience sharing LEAN for leaders. This 2-day course is a more extensive educational program designed for senior leaders and team leaders in healthcare. To date we have trained over 3000 professionals across the world from many countries- all Canadian provinces, Central and South America, Europe, Australia, Japan and Korea.

This course offers a didactic hands-on approach to LEAN management with a focus not only on the tools of improvement but emphasizing the necessary development of underlying leadership and management systems and approaches that will prepare physicians, administrators and technical support staff for the realities and challenges of culture change for continuous improvement.

Our goal is for your success to be derived from leveraging an educated, empowered and accountable workforce that employs PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) for problem solving, process improvement and more efficient work redesign, continually.

This approach has been very effective in the HFHS Laboratories since 2005, resulting in thousands of annual process improvements produced by the employees themselves at the level of the actual work. This LEAN culture is based upon Deming's management principles of leading and practicing in a culture that uses manufacturing-based work rules and the philosophy and process improvement tools derived from the Toyota Production System. These sessions are applicable not just to laboratory medicine but also adaptable to the processes encountered in all aspects of healthcare- clinical medicine, administration, human resources, business, finance and even housekeeping, transport, dietary services, etc.

Participants will learn the concepts necessary to begin their LEAN Journey as they work on real life issues while applying LEAN principles learned in this class to their own work environment. A tour of the Henry Ford LEAN laboratory operations is included.

This course consists of 14.0 CME hours of education class-time in a 2-day didactic and interactive session.

This course is intended for:

Physicians • Healthcare Leaders • Nurses • Technologists • Pathologists • Residents • Directors • Managers • Administrators • Quality Staff and Medical Officers

This course is held at:

  • Henry Ford Hospital, Education & Research Building , 2nd Floor Multi-Purpose Rooms, Detroit, MI 48202 and is available by registering at the Henry Ford Continuing Medical Education web site:

Register Here


Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Understand the LEAN philosophy and methodology and how it applies to daily work
  • Understand the underlying management systems and structures to be created to support and empower the culture of continuous improvement
  • Describe and implement effective process improvements based on manufacturing base production principles of continuous improvement
  • Understand rules of work leading to standardization, minimization of variation and enhanced, effective communication
  • Select leadership and organizational structures for successful transformation to implement LEAN as a continuously learning, evolving and improving workforce culture
  • Adopt unique measurement tools based on the scientific method of data collection (PDCA) to identify and analyze defective processes
  • Identify methods used to improve work leveling and pull systems that lead to continuous flow processing
  • Analyze key input and output processes as well as information within a value stream to identify value and non-value added activities from the customer’s perspective
  • Manage empowered teams of 'expert' workers
  • Understand how new technology can be adapted to promote and sustain LEAN concepts of work

Over 3000 participants from around the world have taken this course and said about their experience:

  • "Knowledgeable, approachable, helpful faculty."
  • "Concise LEAN training with real life useable examples."
  • "Great 'real' examples to drive home ideas."
  • "Explanation of principles based on personal experience."
  • "Willing to share useful information here."
  • "I learned that standardizing processes, although challenging, is not impossible."
  • "It was great to see LEAN in action."
  • "Love the kanbans! Can't wait to implement."

The Henry Ford Laboratory System is featured in Dr. Jeffrey Liker's book, The Toyota Way to Continuous Improvement (2011) and was awarded ISO 15189 accreditation in 2013 by the College of American Pathologists as the first integrated and the largest ISO accredited system of laboratories in the US.