Fun Facts about the Residents


Selina Mahmood, M.D.
I like to spend time Reading and writing
Favorite movie: The Well-Digger’s Daughter

Alfonso Martinez Nunez, M.D.
I spend my free time playing video games, reading fantasy, board games, and getting wedgies from the bullies

Rami Al-Hader, M.D.
I enjoy cooking, traveling (either with friends or by myself), video games and being sassy

Muhammad Fraz, M.D.
I like to backpack and explore nature. I also love food and trying different cuisines.

Natalie Stec, M.D.
I enjoy drawing, museums, galleries, hiking, running, animal welfare activism, taking care of my pet barrel cactus

Stephanie Phillips, M.D.
My hobbies include exploring new cities and towns up north, kayaking, checking out breweries and restaurants and finding new trails to explore with my 3 pups


Ali Alsaif, M.D.
I enjoy cooking and reading about modern middle eastern history

Omar Choudhury, M.D.
I enjoy Hockey, Board Games

Justin Nofar, M.D.
Hanging with family/friends, going on the lake, golfing, attending live music events

Odei Alayyas, M.D.
I am a fan of Salvador Dali, and thus enjoy all things artsy partsy.

Mohammad Alkhoujah, M.D.
I enjoy Gaming (PS5 kinda guy) and cooking

Ammar Jumah, M.D.
I enjoy pretty much any activity that ignites the endorphin factory (lifting, running and swimming)


Utkarsh Agarwal, MBBS
I enjoy reading fiction, Wildlife Photography, Singing

Abdalla Albanna, MBBCh
I enjoy working out, soccer, learning guitar

Brook Centofanti, D.O.
I enjoy baking and gardening at home. I also love watching documentaries and listening to podcasts about true crime.

Michael (Mike) Fana, M.D.
I love bodybuilding and powerlifting, refurbishing furniture, hiking and traveling, and spending time with my wife and soon-to-be newborn baby boy!

Nada Mobayed, M.D.
I love to watch movies, especially anything involving con-art, the mafia, or a heist and anything by Martin Scorsese. I also collect vinyl records of my favorite albums. But my favorite hobby is communicating with friends exclusively through memes. Memes are a love language.

Momina Qureshi, M.D.
Art (particularly oil painting), Museums, Exploring new foods, Coffee shops, Bookshops/novels


Mohammed Salah Abusuliman, M.D.
I can’t sleep without TV playing in the background, and it’s “Friends” most of the time.

Abdelrahman Elfaham, M.D.
I am a huge car enthusiast and I first fell in love with cars when I was 5. Most of my birthday gifts were model cars and I know most of the supercars from their sound.

Siyuan Fu, M.D.
I want to have a cat and a dog before 30.

Anas Idris, M.D.
I enjoy playing volleyball, making YouTube videos, and programming. I also enjoy playing chess.

Zahid Iqbal, M.D.
I am an electronic dance music follower and love playing volleyball.

Ahmed Mohamedelkhair, M.D.
I like soccer, generally good at sports (or used to be), a Nerd that watchs Dc and Marvel movies. I like Harry Potter ( gryffindor all the way). I enjoy movies alot and can watch anything. I like books that help with self development especially books about social life, big Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle fan. Lastly an academic fact: I cared for the first monkeypox patient in Henry Ford.

Information for Applicants
Interested in applying to one of our programs, call (800) 436-7936 .

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