Baldrige Hospitals Save More Lives and Are Stronger Financially (Blogrige - The Official Baldrige Blog)

July 27, 2016
Baldrige health care organizations have lower rates of mortality and complications, higher profit margins, and higher improvement levels than the 100 Top Hospitals (top 3% nationwide), according to a 2010 Thomson Reuters study. In addition, since 2002, Baldrige Award-winning health care organizations have demonstrated decreasing mortality rates, rising revenue and market share, more satisfied patients, decreasing employee turnover and vacancy rates, more satisfied employees and physicians, reductions in days in accounts receivable and patient length of stay, increasing training and volunteer hours, and increasing charity care. For example, Henry Ford Health System’s evidenced-based global harm campaign is a national best practice, according to IHI. The health center’s performance in relation to overall global harm has improved from approximately 60 harm events per 1,000 patients in the first quarter of 2008 to 40 harm events per 1,000 patients in the second quarter of 2011. Full Story