New Combination of Procedures Makes Prostate Surgery Possible for Henry Ford Patient

September 14, 2016


DETROIT – When a Henry Ford Health System patient was considered too high-risk for the prostate surgery he needed, doctors at Henry Ford Hospital got creative to find a solution.

Orlando Fielder, a practicing Jehovah’s Witness and 61-year-old Henry Ford patient, suffered from a severely enlarged prostate for years. His symptoms progressed to the point that he required a urinary catheter. While a surgery to remove his enlarged prostate gland would have effectively treated his condition, Fielder’s blood thinner medication meant he was at high-risk for bleeding and he may have required a blood transfusion.

Because a blood transfusion would conflict with Fielder’s religious beliefs, Henry Ford urologist Craig Rogers, M.D. suggested combining two procedures – prostate artery embolization followed by a robotic prostatectomy. Combining these procedures eliminated the need for a blood transfusion because prostate artery embolization cuts off blood flow to the prostate.

“What is truly unique about Mr. Fielder’s case is that prostate artery embolization has never been used prior to surgery as a way to make a complex surgery safer,” said Henry Ford Interventional Radiologist Scott Schwartz, M.D., who performed Fielder’s embolization.

“We routinely perform complex prostate surgeries at Henry Ford Hospital. This combined approach could offer patients considered to be at the highest surgical risk a safer option to receive those complex prostate surgeries,” said Dr. Rogers, who performed Fielder’s robotic prostate removal.

Prostate artery embolization, which reduces prostate enlargement by cutting off blood supply, has been used in Europe to treat patients who may be too ill to undergo more invasive surgical treatments, according to Dr. Schwartz. Because of the extent of Fielder’s prostate enlargement, both procedures were necessary.

As a result of these procedures, Fielder is now relieved to be free of the symptoms he used to battle every day.

“I feel like a new man,” said Fielder. “It really changed my life and I thank God for this. I used to get up four, five, sometimes even six times per night to use the bathroom. Now, there are some nights when I don’t get up at all.”

For more information on prostate enlargement treatment or to request an appointment at the Vattikuti Urology Institute, please call (313) 916-2062.

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