Henry Ford Patient First-In-Michigan to Receive Robotic Ureteral Surgery Using Tissue from Mouth

December 01, 2016


DETROIT – A metro Detroit man was recently the first person in Michigan to undergo a robotic surgical procedure that restores function to a damaged ureter by using tissue from the mouth.

A healthy ureter is tube-like and drains urine from the kidney into the bladder. Because of the condition Larry Catanzaro suffered from, his ureter had become filled with scar tissue, which completely prevented the flow of urine through his left ureter.

“Mr. Catanzaro wanted to avoid treatment options that would put him at a higher risk for post-surgery complications,” said Henry Ford Hospital Director of Robotic Renal Surgery, Craig Rogers, M.D. “We performed a robotic procedure in which we opened the scarred segment of ureter along its length and inserted a “patch” for the ureter using a small portion of the inner lining of Mr. Catanzaro’s mouth, which was removed in a multi-disciplinary procedure by Dr. Lamont Jones. Now he has a reconstructed ureter that can drain the kidney without the need for a stent.”

Today, Catanzaro says his recovery is going well and he is thankful for the treatment he received from his team at Henry Ford Hospital.

“During my recovery in the hospital, Dr. Rogers and his team were exceptional. They visited me in my room, answered all my questions and provided outstanding care,” Catanzaro said. “The surgery was very complex, and I feel honored and blessed to have been cared for by doctors who have the knowledge and expertise to do this successfully.”

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