Leading Health Providers Unite to Advance Patient Care by Forming Truveta

February 11, 2021

Leading health providers have come together in unprecedented fashion to unite around the goal of improving the lives of those they serve through data insights. Health provider innovators AdventHealth, Advocate Aurora Health, Baptist Health of Northeast Florida, Bon Secours Mercy Health, CommonSpirit Health, Hawaii Pacific Health, Henry Ford Health System, Memorial Hermann Health System, Northwell Health, Novant Health, Providence health system, Sentara Healthcare, Tenet Health, and Trinity Health have formed Truveta, a new company with a vision to save lives with data.

Through structuring, normalizing, and de-identifying data from these health providers, a new data platform will be built, with careful protection of patient privacy and security. This new platform, using the power of AI and machine learning, will enable unprecedented insights as providers are able to learn from each other with statistically significant scale and representation of diverse populations.

Together, these 14 health providers care for tens of millions of patients and operate thousands of care facilities across 40 states. The health providers will govern Truveta’s ethical pursuit of insights from this unprecedented de-identified data set.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us how much the world needs to learn faster, so we can better serve our communities,” said Terry Myerson, CEO of Truveta. “Our vision is to save lives with data. We want to help researchers find cures faster, empower every clinician to be an expert, and help families make the most informed decisions on their care. We believe the Truveta platform can help improve health equity and advance personalized medicine. We are honored to be partnering with innovative and world-class health providers in this pursuit.”

Saving Lives with Data

Within health providers today, data sets are best illustrated as large haystacks growing at exponential rates without the tools to find the needles of insight that live within the proverbial stacks. Just as data revolutionized other industries, healthcare can benefit from thoughtful use of data, enabling physicians and researchers to learn quicker, move faster, and improve patient outcomes.

The COVID-19 pandemic illustrates how quickly healthcare must move to effectively serve patients. The healthcare community has made remarkable progress, from diagnosis to vaccine distribution in less than a year. Truveta’s innovative health provider partners agree COVID-19 must be a catalyst for even more rapid progress.

If the Truveta platform had existed over the last year, physicians could have learned best treatment paths from each other faster. Which medications are most effective? When should patients be intubated? Why do African American men have significantly higher mortality rates? In the U.S., why are nearly one-third of the nurses who died of COVID-19 Filipino, even though they represent 4% of the nursing population? What are the effects of COVID-19 and related isolation on adolescents and their mental health? Faster answers to these questions could have saved thousands of lives and improved the lives of millions. Researchers could have staffed clinical trials more quickly with statistically representative populations, shaving months from the vaccine approval process. A greater understanding of health equity could have helped ensure more equitable distribution of vaccines.

Truveta will drive innovation in patient care and the development of new therapies through the creation of the Truveta data platform, which will deliver valuable insights from billions of clinical data points with a single search. The Truveta platform will structure and normalize a wide range of data across structured and unstructured data types to unlock the power of de-identified data across all diagnoses, geographies, and demographics. Using advanced AI and machine learning, Truveta will deliver continuous learning to physicians, researchers, biopharma, and more with aggregate analysis of conditions, therapies, and prognoses.

“For years we have seen the opportunity for diverse health providers to come together with a shared sense of purpose and use our collective data for the common good of humanity. With Truveta, we created a unique model that is led by the health providers yet supported by one of the most talented technical teams to focus on health, ”said Dr. Rod Hochman, President and CEO of Providence.

“We believe the cure for certain diseases could lie within the Truveta platform,” said Michael Slubowski, CEO of Trinity Health. “For the first time in the history of health, we have enough data at scale to dramatically advance innovation in healthcare with collective commitment to partner on ethical innovation.”

Health Provider Led and Governed

Truveta is uniquely created through strong partnerships with top health providers in the U.S. The providers partnered together to create the vision for Truveta and governing materials including privacy, ethics, and data security guidelines.

“Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen displays of humanity and unity during our most trying moments. Together, we share a common mission to improve health equity and believe nobody should be left behind,” said Michael Dowling, President and CEO of Northwell Health. “Truveta is a catalyst for innovation, energizing health providers to modernize how we look at data to benefit patients.”

Truveta will be advised by a Board of Governors to ensure expertise is infused from a variety of perspectives for strategic stewardship. Leaders from a diverse set of health providers will provide ongoing strategic, scientific, and operational advice?on areas of expertise including Ethics & Health Equity, Data Integrity, and Clinical Outcomes to help ensure Truveta operates according to its mission.

“The future of health care is collaborative. We in health care exist side-by-side in our communities and we need to prioritize cooperation to truly make a difference—now more than we ever have,” said Lloyd Dean, CEO of CommonSpirit Health. “We have a unique opportunity today to rebuild the health care systemin our country, so it is better, stronger, and more responsive to the needs of everyone – especially the vulnerable and underserved populations.”

Commitment to Health Equity, Patient Privacy and Ethical Innovation

Truveta aims to help democratize care and advance health for all with useful and broadly available tools. Truveta welcomes health providers, education, and research institutions anywhere in the world to join in creating and leveraging the Truveta platform to deliver the best care to patients.

“Our mission is to improve ALL people's lives through excellence in the science and art of healthcare,” said Wright Lassiter III, CEO of Henry Ford Health System. “Truveta can uniquely provide the data and insights that will empower us to deliver equitable care with respect and compassion, which are the fundamental rights of those we serve.”

Truveta’s partners recognize the tremendous potential in the Truveta platform, balanced with careful and thoughtful stewardship of data. Truveta is deeply committed to patient privacy and security, and ethical innovation. Learning from other patient experiences will help providers and their patients make informed decisions and advance care for humanity all while maintaining trust. All data on the Truveta platform will be de-identified. Truveta is committed to transparent and clear privacy and security principles with more details posted on its website at truveta.com.

“We know health data is unlike other data. It is the very definition of personal,” said Myerson. “While we embark on our pursuit to generate knowledge and insights to improve patientcare around the world, we must do so with the utmost caution to protect the privacy of patients.”

“We see such a valuable opportunity to save lives in partnership with the Truveta platform,” said Alan Sanders, Vice President of Ethics, Trinity Health “We believe it would be irresponsible to not join Truveta on this mission. It would be a tremendous data waste and withhold valuable contributions to the common good."

About Truveta
Truveta is the world’s first health provider led data platform with a vision to save lives with data. Through partnerships with innovative health providers, the Truveta platform will represent tens of millions of patients and thousands of care facilities across 40 states. Truveta aims to help researchers find cures faster, empower every clinician to be an expert, and help families know they are receiving the best care for their condition. Truveta is a tax paying entity. Learn more at truveta.com.

Truveta Partners
For more information about our partners, please visit AdventHealth, Advocate Aurora Health, Baptist Health of Northeast Florida, Bon Secours Mercy Health, CommonSpirit Health, Hawaii Pacific Health, Henry Ford Health System, Memorial Hermann Health System, Northwell Health, Novant Health, Providence, Sentara Healthcare, Tenet Healthcare, and Trinity Health.


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